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Joel S. Doyon, DDS, FAGD, is a dedicated gJoel S. Doyon, DDS, FAGD, is a dedicated genereneral, family, and cosmetic dentist maintaining a private practice, Tory Hill Dental, located in Buxton, Maine.

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Joel Doyon, DDS

Dr. Doyon's philosophy in dentistry is to help restore your mouth to its optimum health. Call us at 207.929.6626 for more information....

Dentist Buxton, Maine - Family, General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Top rated dentist in Buxton, Maine - Dr. Doyon offers cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and general dental care and treatment. Call us at 207.929. 6626....

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Contact Us Today! Tory Hill Dental Dr. Joel Doyon 175 Narragansett Trail Buxton, ME 04093 Get Directions Call (207) 929-6626 Email:...

Meet The Dental Team - Tory Hill Dental

Before becoming Dr. Doyon's Office Manager, Debbie had nine years of ... There, she was employed by Dr. Peter Larrabee, her own childhood dentist....

Dental Technology Buxton MA - Tory Hill Dental

You see what the dentist sees! By using an intraoral camera, you will have a greater understanding of your oral health and of the treatments that Dr. Doyon is  ......

Common Dental Questions and Answers - Tory Hill Dental

When your dentist applies fluoride to your teeth (usually in the form of a ... Dr. Doyon will suggest a treatment plan for you based on your goals, your areas of ......

Your First Dental Visit - Tory Hill Dental

... of each tooth will be taken so that you can see exactly what your dentist sees. You will ... Know that after reviewing those, Dr. Doyon may decide to take more ......